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  Be a Better Mentor

Make the time with your mentee COUNT!
If you’ve been mentoring for a while, you’ve already learned a lot. But sometimes the challenges change as you reach three months, six months, or a whole year with your mentee. You want to make sure that you have the resources and good ideas you need to make your time together rewarding for both of you!

  Here are some added resources to consider:
  The Mentoring Center Training
Mentoring Adolescents or Dealing with Anger trainings can provide helpful insights and lifeskills for a new stage in your relationship. Learn More...

Mentoring Tips
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Helpful Websites

  • Mentoring.org: Check out this great website from The Mentoring Center’s national organization, including their Research Corner!

  • Whomentoredyou.org: Vignettes on how mentors helped many famous people including Cal Ripkin, John McCain, Gloria Estefan, Tom Brokaw, Hillary Clinton and Quincy Jones, the first-ever National Mentor of the Year.

  • Teacher.org: Materials to help coach your mentee on a variety of academic skills.

  • KnowHow2Go.org—A kid-friendly web-site that encourages thinking about college, especially for kids who may be among the first in their family to attend.

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"I am single with no kids. I used to be one of those guys that voted against school levies because I didn't see the importance. Mentoring has really opened by eyes to how important a quality education is for these kids. And not only that, I am now a manager at [the company I work for] and I'm realizing that these kids are my future employees. I would rather pay extra now and have quality employees down the road than to not pay and then have to hire uneducated people to work for me. I had never really thought about that until I started mentoring."

- Anonymous Mentor








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