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Start Online Mentor Training Now


Our trainings are now online!!!!!

We are offering 9 different training programs
as described below:


Making of a Mentor/Relationship Building
A must-have course for all new mentors!

  • Learn ways to build rapport and overcome barriers through reacting to scenarios

  • Learn how to be a great mentor!

  • Duration: approximately 1 hour, 15 minutes

Cultural Dynamics

  • Explore the effects of one’s own culture

  • Learn to communicate and build bridges across differences of education, race and economics

  • Duration: approximately 1 hour

Mentoring the Adolescent

  • Learn challenges adolescents face today

  • Help motivate and support growing skills and behaviors for new roles and responsibilities 

  • Duration: approximately 1 hour

Anger Management

  • Understand “trigger points” as well as win-win strategies for resolving power struggles

  • Learn to help kids identify hot buttons and replace with “cool thoughts”

  • Duration: approximately 1 hour, 15 minutes

Learning Styles/Tips for Tutors
  • Identify and understand learning styles to help build on your mentee’s cognitive preferences

  • Learn tutoring approaches and techniques

  • Duration: approximately 1 hour

Mentee Training
  • Help mentees see the value of having a mentor
    (in the voiceof a youthful narrator)

  • Duration: approximately 1 hour

Community-based Mentoring

  • Maximize “teachable moments” for greatest impact

  • Duration: approximately 1 hour

Site-based Mentoring

  • Promote positive behavior and boost motivation

  • Duration: approximately 1 hour


  • Focus on mentee's goal-setting, decision-making and job preparation skills

  • Duration: approximately 1 hour


You can take these interactive courses from the convenience of your home.

  • COST: $20 per course

  • You will receive a certificate upon completion of each course

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A New ERA In Mentor Training

“The Mentoring Center’s new online trainings are just what we needed! We now require every incoming mentor to take their Making of a Mentor/Relationship Building training before we make a new match! Thanks to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio for funding our use of these super trainings! ”

- Kathleen List, VP Program, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati







“The training was very useful. It is something that I want to make mandatory for all mentors to go through before they start mentoring. Excellent content and it was very thought provoking.” [The program bought 80 “training slots” to train all their mentors!] ”

- Darwin V. Thompson, Mentor Coordinator, Housing Programs/ Community of Hope, Inc., Washington, D.C.










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